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雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe a time when you give advice to ot […]

雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe a time when you give advice to others 描述给别人建议的一次经历




Describe a time that you give advice to others

You should say:

who you gave advice to

what the advice was

why you gave advice

how you felt about the advice




A time that I gave advice to others was helping my younger sister, Wang Jie, to choose her major in college.

一次我给别人建议的经历是帮助我的妹妹Wang Jie选择大学专业。

Wang was the daughter of my mother’s colleague and was an up-and-coming third-year senior high school student. I remember that was a day right after the Spring Festival in 2014. We were visiting our relatives and friends as usual and met with each other in a social event.


I didn’t mean to give advice to her, but it was her mother who was chatting with my mother about her daughter’s difficulties in preparing the Gaokao, which is the college entrance exam in China. Wang felt quite unsure about her future concentration in college. It was not difficult for her to get into a top 10 university in  China, but the thing was that she just had no clue regarding choosing a promising major. She told me that the public administration was considered to be a top priority in her parents’ eyes as they wanted her to become a public servant. She actually had neither an interest in it nor in others, which made things even harder.


Well, I was actually not an authority in terms of choosing a major even though I was then a junior majoring in Human Resources. But, I did have some insightful understanding of this struggle. You know, this article is from Laokaoya website, no matter what advice you take, you are the only person that is truly responsible for the decision you make. So, I offered her an advice, which was quite simple, ‘find your interest and go for it’. Also, I gave her detailed guidance on how to detect the inner propensity for the things we truly wanted, which I think would be of great value for her. After listening to my words, she felt she was kind of enlightened.


Well, I wouldn’t say my advice was very great, but it’s at least useful in the long run. You know, sometimes parents want us to be successful but would help us in the wrong way by giving us a suggestion that doesn’t suit our need. Soon or later we will have realized that the decision was once made inappropriately. So, instead of letting others choose, we’d better know what we want.


Part 3 追加问题

Should people prepare before giving advice?

Is it good to ask advice from strangers online?

What are the personalities of people whose job is to give advice to others?

What are the problems if you ask too many people for advice?


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