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雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe someone or something that made a […]

雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe someone or something that made a lot of noise 发出噪音的人或物




Describe someone or something that made a lot of noise

You should say:

Who or what made the noise

What the noise was like

What you did when you heard the noise

And how you feel about it




I am going to tell you an experience that I heard a stranger talking on the phone in the library next to my community. The environment around is wonderful. Various trees and flowers embrace the building and an artificial lake lies in front of it. Since it is separated from the road by plants, it is also very quiet, a perfect place to read and write.


It was an afternoon about 1 month ago when I went there to do my homework as usual. Although there was a study in my home, the distractions were just too many. This article is from Laokaoya website. I could not resist the temptation of video games, TV programs, and computers. By contrast, in the library, surrounded by people craving for knowledge, I was forced to concentrate on study and my efficiency rose significantly.


Suddenly, the phone of the man sitting opposite me started to ring. It made loud and piercing noise. The man slowly reached his phone, looked at the screen and thought for a few seconds before picking it up. Then, he neither lowered his voice nor went out, just sat on the seat and talked at his normal volume, treating the library as his home. The whole library could hear him. He was talking about watching a film with his friends that evening. And clearly they could not reach an agreement on what they were going to see. Five minutes later, he finally hung up. During the process, I tried my best to hold my temper and did nothing but watching him talking, hoping that he could realize what he was doing was wrong by himself.


I was ashamed of him. This man showed no respect for the rules in the public place and definitely lacked manner. Luckily, his phone did not ring again that afternoon, and I have not seen him thereafter.


Part 3 追加问题

Where can people hear a lot of noise?

What may happen if one listens to very loud music using earphones when they are running or hiking?

What can be done to reduce traffic noise?

Do you think the world will be noisier in the future?


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