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雅思口语Part2话题卡:Describe a time when you encouraged someon […]

雅思口语Part2话题卡:Describe a time when you encouraged someone to do something that he/she didn’t want to do 鼓励别人做不愿做的事


这道雅思口语话题卡难度系数适中,非常贴近生活。但是,大家可能不太能够轻而易举地联想到自己生活中鼓励别人做的事情。那么,我们可以先从理解encourage这一个词来入手,在英语的解释中,非常清晰明了:If you encourage someone, you give them confidence, for example by letting them know that what they are doing is good and telling them that they should continue to do it. 也就是说,只要你帮助别人提升了自信心,给予别人帮助等,让别人去做自己可能一开始没有信心、胆量去做的事情,就算encouragement。这样的事情有很多,例如,给别人打气加油,鼓励别人去尝试游一次泳(曾经可能怕水,不敢游泳),鼓励别人品尝一道很好吃的但是他/她却因为各种担心没敢吃的美食。类似的生活经历还有很多,大家可以话几分钟的时间思考一下,然后进行一次口头练习,最后再参考老烤鸭给出的原创答案进行学习。


Describe a time when you encouraged someone to do something that he/she didn’t want to do

You should say:

Who he or she is

What you encouraged him/her to do

How he/she reacted

And explain why you encouraged him/her to do it




I’d like to share an experience with you that happened several years ago. This person who I encouraged to do something was Wang Xia, who was my classmate and best friend in senior high school.

我想和你分享一个多年前发生的事情。他叫Wang Xia, 是我上高中的时候的同学,也是我最好的朋友。

I remember it was after we graduated from high school in the summer that I encouraged him to travel abroad with me. And, the destination was Thailand, which was actually not that far compared to western countries such as Australia and the UK but was the first foreign country we were about to travel to in our life.


At the very beginning, he was all at sea with my invitation as he never thought of traveling abroad. He seemed kind of unwilling to go with me as a riot just happen a year ago in Bangkok, which is the country’s capital. This article is from Laokaoya webiste. To make him believe that the trip was worthwhile, I listed some good reasons such as the lowest hotel and flight price during that time, and a pretty stable political situation since the riot came to an end. Apart from that, I tried to convince him that it was indeed the best time to visit there as we wouldn’t have much time taking an international adventure in our busy college life. He ended up mustering up the courage and accepting my invitation, which made me feel quite excited.


Well, the main reason why I encouraged him to do it was that traveling to Thailand was really cost-effective, which was later approved to be true. You know, we were students and didn’t have much budget. Another reason was that going to Thailand would definitely let us learn a lot about perspectives like the local culture, language, and history, etc. So, why not?


Part 3 追加问题

How can leaders encourage their employees?

When should parents encourage their children?

What kind of encouragement should parents give?

Do you think some people are better than others at persuading?


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