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雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe a movie that you like 喜欢的电影 思路点拨: […]


雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe a movie that you like 喜欢的电影




Describe a movie that you like

You should say

When you watched it

Where you watched it

What it was about

And explain why you like it




The film that made me think a lot is Dying to Survive. It tells a story that a man smuggles a generic version of drug from India to save those who suffer from Leukemia but cannot afford the expensive Swiss drug under patent protection. Unlike the Dallas Buyers Club, the man does not have any disease. His behavior was purely out of financial interest at the beginning and compassion in the end.


I watched this film in a cafeteria at my school. It was a Sunday afternoon. I went to the café to do some reading over a cup of tea. When I sat down, I noticed that the guy sitting at the table next to me was watching Dying to Survive on his laptop. At first, I just glanced at his screen every now and then, this article is from laokaoya website, but the plot was so attractive that I could not move my eyes after a few minutes.


I even unconsciously moved my table closer to get a better vision. Noticing my movement, he kindly offered me one earphone and asked me to watch this film together. Although I was a little embarrassed, you know being caught peeking on the spot, I still took the earphone.


The movie was wonderful. It explores a solemn topic that whether it is justified for people to break the law in order to prolong their lives, and shows us, the healthy ones, what kind of sufferings a poor family or middle-class family has to go through when they get some serious disease. Such questions had never occurred to me and I was pretty shocked by the reality the movie revealed. It inspired me to reflect on the principles and values I had taken for granted before, like which one is more important, our lives or the law that maintains social order.


Part3 追加问题

Are films a waste of money?

Are movie stars important to a movie?

Are foreign movies popular in China?

Is it important that a country has its own movies?


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