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Young people can also be a leader 雅思写作大作文7分范文 这篇雅思写作大作文 […]


Young people can also be a leader 雅思写作大作文7分范文



The leaders and directors of organizations are often older people. But some people say that young people can also be a leader. Do you agree or disagree?




Whether young people can become the leader of big companies and organizations instead of elder people is a matter of rising disputes nowadays. Nonetheless, I would vouch for those young and enthusiastic people as I consider them qualified to take vital positions in this modern and fast-paced world.



On one side, there is no denial of the view that aged people possess more edges being matured. Primarily, their intellectual abilities make them unrivalled if compared to their younger counterparts. They have skills like long-term vision and assuming the big picture with their years of work experience and failures in their early working career and these are considered critical for the improvement of companies. Young people, however, this article is from Laokaoya webiste, do not possess such skills which leads them to make a shortsighted judgment which might prove costly for the given organization. To add more, adjustment with bigger difficulties is another issue where young people may make errors whereas old people have a very low possibility to make erroneous choices as they can adjust quickly in those cases.



On the flip side of the coin, a few logistic reasons compel me to believe that young managers and CEOs can lead a company to its peak of success. Initially, compared to their old counterparts, young leaders nowadays are more educated with advanced knowledge and modern outlooks in their own fields and this makes them far better alternatives. They can realise cultural differences easily and adapt to modern problems as they grow up with these issues and so they can empathize with other employees and potential clients more quickly. Furthermore, young leaders can apply technology in their works without facing many problems due to the fact that they are the millennial or Generation Y who have a sheer volume of knowledge about state-of-the-art technologies. This can improve the productivity and promotion of companies rapidly.



In summary, as the selection of leaders for a company is a critical issue, age should not come here as a criterion and, in my opinion; young people should be preferred by companies due to their modern attitudes, in-depth knowledge of company cultures and latest technologies.



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Young people can also be a leader 雅思写作大作文7分范文:等您坐沙发呢!


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