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雅思口语Part2话题卡:Describe a photo that makes you happy 描述一张 […]

雅思口语Part2话题卡:Describe a photo that makes you happy 描述一张让你开心的照片




Describe a photo that makes you happy

You should say

When and where you took the photo

What the photo is like

How often you watch the photo

And explain why it makes you feel happy




I am going to tell you about a photo I took during the last National Day holiday in Nanluoguoxiang in Beijing, a well-known tourist attraction. Back then, the restrictions imposed by the government because of Covid-19 finally eased. After being locked at home for nearly a month, my (girl)friend and I decided to take advantage of the seven-day holiday to travel around. When we were wandering in the alley and browsing through the shops, we noticed a round fan and decided to come in to take a close look.


It was about the size of a football. The covering was round and made of white silk. The material was so thin that you could almost see through it. On the surface were embroidered two colorful birds standing wing to wing on a branch. When my (girl)friend held it in her hand and gently swung it, she seemed to become a noblewoman depicted in ancient paintings. This article is from laokaoya website. To be honest, although I had known her for three years and was familiar with her appearance, I was still struck by her beauty at that moment. I immediately grabbed my cell phone, unlocked it, and took a picture.


I was never a good photographer. In fact, my (girl)friend often complained that I made her look ugly in the picture. But when I showed her the picture I just took, she asked me to send it to her at once and could not wait to post it on social media. In the end, this photo earned her over 100 likes and countless praises, which made me proud.


Now, the picture stays in a wooden frame on my desk. Every now and then, when I raise my head from the book or the laptop, it will immediately appear in my eyesight, transporting me back to the happy holiday and reminding me how beautiful she is.


Part 3追加问题

Do you think people are taking too many photos these days?

Do you think equipment is important for photography?

Do you think being a professional photographer is a good job? Why?

Why do some people like to post their photos on social media?


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雅思口语Part2话题卡:Describe a photo that makes you happy 让你开心的照片:等您坐沙发呢!


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