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雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe a business man you admire 描述你敬佩的商 […]


雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe a business man you admire 描述你敬佩的商人


这道题目有两个主要的信息点:business man和admire,回答的时候要紧扣它们进行。前者很简单,毕竟我们生活在一个商业社会中,无论是新闻杂志、还是小说报刊都充斥着各种各样商业人士的成功故事。大家自己身边应该也有很多做生意的人,因此挑选一个完全没有任何困难。第二个信息点admire就更有意思一些,强调这个商人必须是你敬佩的。如果你解释自己敬佩他的原因是他赚了很多很多的钱,倒不是不可以,但有些缺乏亮点,毕竟商人本身就是要赚钱的。我们可以更多的开发其它方面。例如,个人品质方面,我们可以说他百折不挠,永不放弃;社会责任方面,我们可以说他赚了钱之后不是用于个人花销,而是回报社会;与他人关系方面,我们可以说他态度和蔼可亲,不骄不躁;成就方面,我们可以说他怎么样改变了世界,等等。


Describe a businessman you admire

You should say

Who this person is

How you knew this person

What kinds of business this person does




The businessman I admire most was Dai Wei, founder and CEO of the ofo sharing bicycles. He used to study at Peking University, one of the two best universities in China and do a degree in finance.


After graduation, he could have gone to a commercial bank and become a millionaire at a very early stage of his life. But, instead, he volunteered to be a maths teacher in an impoverished town in Qinghai province. This article is from Laokaoya website. Do not copy or repost it. A year later, he came back to school and embarked on his master degree. During this time, he established ofo sharing bicycles with three co-founders. What I find interesting about this man is that every step of his life was beyond people’s anticipation. He chose to become a teacher instead of a banker and built a company when he was supposed to study.


The products of his company, little yellow bikes, which you can see all over the street, have dramatically changed the way of transportation. In the past, I used the bus or subway to travel to work or school. They were not bad, but could be a little frustrating, since I still had to walk a certain distance to get to my destination after I got off. And sometimes that can be a long way.


The yellow bikes alleviate this problem. Now when I reach the station, I pull out my cellphone, scan the QR code, unlock the bicycle, and ride to my destination. It is more convenient, simpler and much less physical-demanding. This is why I admire Dai Wei. His company actually benefits our life.


Part 3 追加问题

What do you think is the retirement age for men and women?

What kinds of qualities do people need to run their own business?

What do you think are the key factors that contribute to the success of a business?

If you had the opportunity to have your own business, what business would it be? Why?


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