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雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe your favorite singer or band 描述一位 […]


雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe your favorite singer or band 描述一位你喜欢的歌手/乐队 最喜爱的歌手或乐队


这道题目让小编想起了若干年前考过的describe a creative person such as a musician. 我们可以说在过去以及当今比较流行的歌手,摇滚、民谣、乡村、非主流等都可以,比如:迈克杰克逊Micheal Jackson、 王菲、刘德华、王力宏、周杰伦、Lady Gaga、TFBOYS等,还可以说说国内外的出名乐队比如披头士Beatles、林肯公园Linkin Park、韩国的BigBang等等。想必以前参加过演唱会的童鞋会有很多感想。哪怕没有机会去现场,我们也可以通过网络视频去了解。当然,最重要的并不是你对这位歌手有多深的感触,而是需要你用自己清晰的语言向考官表达出你自己的想法。建议烤鸭们可以先自己来一段,然后慢慢练几遍,多多在口头上和笔头上琢磨琢磨,熟能生巧。


Describe your favorite singer or band

You should say:

who your favorite singer is

what his or her personality is

what kind of style his or her music belongs to

And explain why he or she is your favorite singer




Well, one of my favorite singers that I would like to talk about is Adam Lambert, who is an American pop song singer.

我想说的一个我非常喜欢的歌手之一是亚当·兰伯特(Adam Lambert),他是一名美国的流行音乐歌手。

Adam Lambert, as you probably know, was the runner-up in the 2009 American Idol, which was the most popular singing TV talent show in the U.S or even around the world during that year.

Adam Lambert, 可能你知道,他是2009年美国偶像的亚军,这是当年美国乃至全世界最出名电视真人才艺秀了。

I probably knew him from the very first episode of the TV show. At that time, he had a very easy-going personality while talking to the host, friends and the judges. He sang pretty well, this article is from Laokaoya website, and literally rocked the studio. You know, even though he has won immense praise from both the judges and the audiences, he was always being humble and willing to try new styles in singing and stage performance.


Well, I feel that he has his unique way of singing, sort of a combination of the opera genre with a pop song style. Most of his songs in the earlier series of the competition were about opera style, partly because he was an active singer in the opera while he was a child.


I think one of the reasons why he is the singer that I’m quite keen on is that he has the singing talent that almost nobody has in the entertainment circle. You know he has such a beautiful and wide range of vocal sounds, which is amazing to listen to. Also, I like his personality, you know he never cares much about other people’s unreasonable criticism and always sticks to his passion. I wish I could attend his concert in the future.


Part 3 追加问题

Do you think the most popular singer is the best one?

What kind of music is popular in China now and what kind will be in the future?

What kind of music do people like at different ages?

Do people learn to sing nowadays?


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