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雅思写作大作文范文 雅思写作报告类 长时间工作与工作压力long working hours and stre […]


雅思写作大作文范文 雅思写作报告类 长时间工作与工作压力long working hours and stress



Nowadays people normally stretch their work hours and get stressed than before. What are the reasons for this? What employers can do to make people’s life easier?



These days, workers usually have to extend their working hours beyond the conventional 9 to 5 period. This, in turn, creates negative side effects on the employees, both psychologically and physically. Let me examine the reasons for this stress at the workplace, and provide some measures that employers could take in order to change the existing lifestyle of the employees into a happier one.


To begin with, one of the major reasons, which make working-class people fall into a stressful life, is the heavy workload. An excessive amount of work is given to the workers from the employers’ side to finish the project in time. However, this article is from Laokaoya website, another reason is that, from the employees’ point of view, they need to secure the work by showing better performance, and also they are in a place to work for incentives in this world of skyrocketing consumer goods price. To illustrate this, a rising number of corporations offer several awards for the best performers. This, in turn, stimulates workers to work extra hours to achieve their targets. Alternatively, the employees could apply smart work approach instead of hard work, thus it would decrease the long working hours.


Nevertheless, there are various measures that company directors could take to ease the lives of many. First and foremost, they could hire more employees, as the work burden can be shared among them. Moreover, bosses must take projects from the clients within a certain limit with respect to the manpower they possess. For instance, Google, an internet giant company, renders many recreational activities, such as meditation and gym at the workplace which make their employees happier people at work, according to a recent survey. These actions are the need of the hour in every organization since they help to get rid of tension, stress, and pressure, and provide great relief.

然而,公司的主管可以采取多种措施来减轻许多人的工作压力。首先也是最重要的是,他们可以雇佣更多的员工,从而分担沉重的工作量。此外,老板必须对从客户那里接到的项目予以限制,具体情况根据其所拥有的人力资源来决定。例如,谷歌,一家大型互联网公司,设置了许多娱乐活动,比如冥想以及在工作场所设立健身房,以使人们工作起来更加快乐。这些措施正是现在每个 公司所需要的,因为它们可以帮助摆脱紧张、工作压力与心理压力,并提供极大的放松。

In conclusion, smart work by the employees and additional employee benefits offered by the employers not only facilitate people’s lives in a better way but also decrease working hours significantly. Therefore, I believe that happier employees and lenient employers would increase productivity to a greater extent.



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