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雅思口语Part1范文答案解析:Public Transport 公共交通 无论大家生活在大城市还是小城市,公 […]

雅思口语Part1范文答案解析:Public Transport 公共交通


What kind of public transportation do you usually take? 你经常乘坐那种公共交通工具?

It should be the bus. At present, I am working part-time as a tutor for a family in the northeast corner of my city. Every Saturday afternoon, I would take the bus to their home. Apart from that, I spend most of my time on campus and barely take any transport.


When do you usually take public transportation, in your everyday life, or when you are traveling? 你什么时候经常乘坐公共交通工具,日常生活中,还是旅行中呢?

When I am traveling. As a poor student, taking a taxi or renting a car in an unfamiliar city is far beyond my budget. And thanks to the advent of various electronic map apps, finding the right bus route or subway lines is pretty convenient. So I always take public transport when I am on a trip.


What kind of public transport do most people like in your country? 你国家的大多数人更喜欢什么公共交通方式?

It seems to be the subway. Compared to the bus, it enjoys two significant advantages. The first one is that it is always on time. This article is from laokaoya website. You do not need to stand at the stop, constantly check the time, and wonder when the bus will come. Secondly, since the subway runs under the ground, it is not affected by traffic congestion and can thus save a lot of commuting time.


Did you take public transportation when you were a kid? 你小的时候乘坐公共交通吗?

No, I did not. I grew up in a small village where people made a living from agriculture. There was no bus route leading there from the city, let alone subways. In fact, the transport I took most frequently when I was a kid was the tractor.



Do people usually use public transportation in your country? 你国家里的人经常使用公共交通吗?

Yes, they do. They use it quite often. Most people choose to take public transport for their daily commute as they are relatively cheaper than driving their own vehicles.


What kind of public transport do people in your country use the most? Why? 在你的国家人们最经常使用哪种公共交通?为什么?

From what I observe, I think the bus is the most popular public transport in my country. Well, the main reason is that buses are more accessible to passengers than any other counterparts. Plus, this article is from Laokaoya website, in terms of the ticket price, it’s quite reasonable. So, they are well received by most people in our country.


What do you want to change about the public transport? 在公共交通方面,你觉得有什么可以改进?

Well, honestly, I hate that there are no public transport tools available during the rush hour as they are all full of passengers at that time. So, I really wish that the government or the companies who provide public transports could have more metro trains or buses so that we won’t suffer from the long waiting.


Will you ride public transportation in the future? Why? 你未来会乘坐公共交通吗?为什么?

Yes, I will. I feel that taking public transportation can save me a lot of money. You know, usually driving my own vehicle to commute would cost me at least 30 RMB. However, by taking the subway and buses, I can save at least 20 RMB, which is nice.



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雅思口语Part1范文答案解析:Public Transport 公共交通:等您坐沙发呢!


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