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雅思口语part2话题卡: Describe an interesting subject that you […]


雅思口语part2话题卡: Describe an interesting subject that you learned in the school 描述在在学校学习的一个有意思的科目/学科/课程 (learnt可以做learn的过去式和过去分词)有趣学科


这是一道雅思口语新题,不过严格意义上来说属于一道老题翻新的雅思口语话题卡 (可以参考文章:Describe a subject of science that you learned in secondary or high school 高中里学习的自然学科)。同学们如果之前有准备过这篇关于“高中学习的自然学科”的话题卡,同时自己来说时间有限,来不及自己准备其它新题了,那么也可以灵活变通,直接将曾经学习的那门”自然学科“讲述给雅思口语考官。但是,不管是准备充分与否,各位烤鸭们一定要记住扣题! 给出自己为什么觉得这项科目比较有意思的理由。



Describe an interesting subject that you learned in the school

You should say:

What the subject was

What your teacher was like

How long you learned this subject

and explain why you thought it was interesting

其实回到学生年代,有很多非常有意思的科目。但是我觉得在大学里头学到的最有趣的科目是Python。这是一门编程课,这门课程是一位叫Steven Chou的教授教的,他是我们大学里最享有声誉的教授之一。

Actually, there were quite a few subjects that were quite exciting to me back into the old school days. But, I should say Python is the most interesting one that I’ve learned in college. It was a programming course and it was taught by Steven Chou, who was one of the most renowned professors in our university.


It’s a subject that really put my life into perspective. You know, before entering the college, I’ve never thought programming would be such special to me. I consider myself as a tech-savvy guy at that time. So, programming wasn’t that appealing to me when it comes to other techniques like VR or something until one day Steven Chou came into our classroom.

我依稀记得那堂首次课,他手里拿着Macbook Pro的苹果电脑和一堆文件进入了我们的教师。他的教我们的方法和其他教授没有什么特别大的区别。然而,接下来的几周里,他带我们进入了一个全新的领域,把我们觉得不可能办到的事情办到了。你知道吗,他教了我们一些核心重点之后就带领我们进入了一个团队项目,这个项目要开发出一个自动交易系统。经过日日夜夜的团队合作,我们最终将这个系统开发出来并投放进了市场,最后还赚了将近200万,这对于那个时候的我们来说想都没想过。

I clearly remember on that very first course, he came into our classroom with a MacBook Pro and several handouts on his hands. He taught us just the way other professors did, nothing special. However, the next couple of weeks, he brought us into a new field and made us believe what we couldn’t think possible. You know what? This article is from Laokaoya website. Do not copy or repost it. After some teaching and demonstration of the key points, he led us in creating a group project for an automated trading system. Through days and nights of teamwork, we managed to put this system into the real market and ended up making almost 2 million RMB, which seemed quite unimaginable to us at that time.


The reason why this subject is so interesting to me is that he showed us how powerful Python was by giving us a hands-on experience. This subject even enabled us to make a fortune. How could it be? Well, it did. That’s the point where it is so magical to every one of us.

Part 3 追加问题

Do you think schools should spend money on subjects such as PE and art, science?

What subjects do you think are the most important?

What subjects should be taught in high school in the future?

In what ages do you think students can make decisions about chooosing art or science subjects?

Is science more important than art in your school?


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