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雅思口语part2话题卡: Describe a website you like to visit 你喜欢访 […]


雅思口语part2话题卡: Describe a website you like to visit喜欢访问的网站 常用网站





Describe a website you like to visit

You should say:

When you found it

What it is about

How often you visit it

And explain why you like this website


I am an Internet lover, I use the Internet a lot. Actually there’s quite a few websites that I love to visit. However, the most interesting and useful one in my mind is actually the laokaoya.com, which is called Laokaoya in Chinese, sounds like an old roast duck in Chinese meaning but actually, it’s not a website for foodies. It’s a website that has helped me learn some English and even cram for some tests about it.


The first time I found it was probably several months ago when I was preparing for an English speaking test in our school. I was quite worried about the topics that examiner might require us to talk about. When I was struggling to get every chance to use English at that time, I found this precious website online. This article is from laokaoya website, do not copy or repost it.It’s got a lot of original articles written by experienced English teachers on laokaoya , which gave me really awesome inspiration for ideas that I might utilize for my speaking test.


From that time on, I would take some time to read and practice all the materials and guidance laokaoya published each day, which really boosted my ability of this language.


Well, why I am so head over heels about this website? Because it just helped me out when I was really in need. Plus, the teachers on this website are very kind and helpful, they don’t bother to answer my questions about English learning either on their laokaoya Wechat or the website. I hope they could help more students like me in the future. : )

Part 3 追加问题

What are the reasons why people use the internet?

Some people say that different age groups have different tastes on internet content, what do you think?

What influence can (or does) the internet have on Children? And what about teenagers?

Do you think parents should control what websites their children visit?

What (kinds of) people do not use the internet and what are the disadvantages that these people suffer because they do not use the internet?


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