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雅思口语part2话题卡: Describe a trip that you plan to go in the near future 描述一次近期计划的旅行 不久将来想计划安排的一场旅行


说道旅行,各位烤鸭们心理是不是很痒痒。还没考出来理想的雅思分数,想去的地方都不敢去。尤其是马上要到毕业季的时候,几家欢喜几家愁,有的人的假期是满满的旅行安排,有的人可能大部分时间要留给雅思备考了。烤鸭们,正好这个题目在让我们思考日后考到理想分数后该去哪玩玩,同时也把这道雅思话题卡给准备了,一箭双雕,还是挺美滋滋的。 :idea:   那么,都有哪些地方可以去呢,你可以说东三省的自驾游,也可以去躺国外比如说意大利、美国、日本、泰国等等。



Describe a trip that you plan to go in the near future

You should say:

Where this place is

Who you would like to go with

What would you do there

And explain why you would like to go there


You know what? I’ve got tons of plans for my future traveling. My most recent one is to stay in Japan for several days. I’ve heard about so much good things about Japan from my friends. So, definitely it is one of the destinations that I would have on my travel map.


Japan is not far from where I live. It’s just probably 4 hours flight from Beijing, so I won’t be too painful on board. Right now I’m a senior student in my school, and I am about to graduate this summer. So, I really want to have a graduation trip with my best friends, and actually I have at least 5 who have been my roommates for almost 3 years. It’s quite a meaningful trip if I could travel with them.


I would first probably go to Tokyo, which is the capital of Japan and I guess every tourist come to a country must go to its capital for a little bit sightseeing. Then, I think I might go to Kagoshima, which is a small island in the south part of Japan. This article is from Laokaoya website. Do not copy or repost it. Friends of mine who went there told me that there’s so much culture there. I can get very close to the locals and experience their traditions, which is quite awesome. Plus, I would taste the noodles there and buy some items. They say the products are somewhat different in cities of Japan.


Why would I go there? I think the most important reason is that it’s not quite far from my home, and the whole traveling expense is not high. Oh, I forgot to mention that, some friends of mine have been studying in Japan for quite a long time, and I will definitely go and visit them.


Part 3 追加问题

What do you need to consider while making a travel plan?

Some people think travel experience depends on how much you spend, do you agree?

Do you prefer to stay at home or go traveling during holidays?

Do you like to travel with a group or on your own?


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