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small family units rather than large family groups 雅思写作 […]


small family units rather than large family groups 雅思写作家庭规模范文

这篇雅思写作大作文要求大家探讨家庭规模变化所带来的影响。题目中独自居住很好理解。所谓的small family units主要指那些只包括一对父母和孩子的家庭,而extended family groups则是指那些爷爷奶奶、叔叔舅舅、姑姑阿姨都生活在一起的大家庭。如果大家仍然觉得抽象的话,就想想现在大多数中国家庭的状态,以及电视剧或者书中所描绘的几十年前的家庭状态。

需要说明的是,这篇范文的论证和思路虽然还可以,但作者并没有明确给出自己的态度,在task response上会扣一定的分数。


Today, in many countries, people in cities either live alone or in small family units rather than in large extended family groups. Is this a positive or negative trend?




The size of families is shrinking when more people live in nuclear families, have no children, or even live alone. This trend has both merits and demerits that will be analyzed in this essay.



Living in smaller family units has proved its positive influences on many. Indeed, people have more independence when they can support their own lives living in their own space rather than depending on their parents or siblings. In order to afford such a condition, they need to be more responsible in building their independence, starting with striving for excellent education, working hard for skills, experience, and income, and finally managing finance well to buy real estates. Looked at this angle, living in smaller families obviously provides more impetus for people to make the most out of their time to be able to stand on their own two feet as soon as possible. Without any doubt, personal development through edification, professional diligence, and well-prepared life plans is the atom of social progress.



However, the preference for smaller family sizes also poses some palpable threats to society. First, as the demand for private living space escalates, more pressure will be exerted on urban sprawling with land scarcity. It will give rise to skyscrapers, the reduction of green zones for housing construction, and the destruction of the natural surrounding for urban infrastructures. The nature will have to sacrifice to provide for the need for more accommodation. Second, when people do not live with their parents, old people may be left abandoned. This phenomenon especially causes inhumane consequences to senior citizens when nursing homes are restricted in services and are willing to reject those with poor health. Third, leading an independent life also means one may not have help when in critical need. A family member may be alone at home and is seriously ill or suffers fatal accidents like getting burned, cut, or shocked by electricity. Such situations may cost them their lives because no one is around to give them care, first aid, or a call to the hospital.



In conclusion, a smaller family unit renders both good and bad for those who chose it and for the society as a whole. Whether this trend has more positive or negative impacts depends on how much people are aware of two sides of the issue.



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Small family units rather than large family groups 雅思写作家庭规模范文:等您坐沙发呢!


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