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travel to other places to learn about the other culture […]


travel to other places to learn about the other culture 雅思写作7.5分大作文



It is not necessary to travel to other places to learn about the other culture. We can learn as much as from books, films, and the internet. To what extent do you agree or disagree?




It is commonly believed that to figure about the culture of other nations or territories, it is not virtually essential for humans to travel to the places they want to explore, and instead, they can make use of today’s state-of-the-art technological facilities such as laptops, computers to learn about it via the Internet or films. In my view, I do not agree with this thinking.



It is understandable why some people advocate the idea of learning about the culture without going travelling to other sites. The rationale for this is that in this day and age, thanks to Internet coverage on almost the corners of the world, a wealth of knowledge about all fields are available for people to have access to, with no exception of culture-associated information. People can easily find the answers to questions or issues about the culture which they are interested in only by searching on Google or other browsers. This article is translated by Laokaoya website. In addition, film producers also tend to include the contents about culture into some of their films to advertise the image of their country so that people also find out about it through this kind of films, or even through culture-related books which are various today.



However, some information on the Internet, in books or films may be incorrect or make no sense to read. Moreover, some knowledge, which readers care about, may not be included on the Internet, books or films. All of these may limit human’s perception of a certain culture.



I am of the opinion that people should go travelling to the countries where they want to find out its culture and custom to have practical experience in lieu of learning through the Internet or materials offering only theories which sometimes are insufficient for people’s information exploration. The reason is that travellers would have a chance to experience actually and figure out about culture by themselves but not by others’ thinking or review written in newspapers or books. This could help them truly understand what the culture of the country really is and how it is presented in reality.



Although today, moving to other places to know about the culture is considered an unnecessary method, it could bring lots of practical experience which books, films or the Internet could not bring about.



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travel to other places to learn about the other culture 雅思写作7.5分大作文:等您坐沙发呢!


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