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adults are continuing to live with their parents 雅思写作8分 […]


adults are continuing to live with their parents 雅思写作8分范文



In some countries, more and more adults are continuing to live with their parents even after they have completed education and found jobs. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?




In recent years, the number of adults still living with their parents has been on the rise due to recent economic upheaval. While some argue that this trend helps cement relationships between members of a family, I believe it is largely disadvantageous due to the growing dependence of children on their guardians.



On the one hand, staying under the same roof can help forge stronger bonds between family members. One of the primary reasons for this is there are abundant opportunities for regular face-to-face interactions and intimate conversations. For example, a newly graduated student can get advice, discuss problems at work, and confide in possible setbacks to his parents. This is from Laokaoya webiste. This kind of conversation will likely help build confidence which is widely regarded as a key to success in an increasingly competitive business world. This ideal scenario seems less likely if, however, the son is settling down in a new home, with a different timetable from members of his family and only speaking with his parents on occasion over the phone.



On the other hand, I am firm of the opinion that those who refuse to live on their own are more likely to experience a prolonged period of immaturity. Firstly, those who remain at home are usually exempt from mundane tasks such as preparing meals, doing laundry and tidying their rooms. Consequently, they are likely to be dependent on their parents and have trouble developing the capacity for self-reliance that is essential for personal and career success. It will be more difficult for them to make their own well-informed, responsible decisions. Indeed, many helicopter parents closely monitor their children, failing to guide them properly in how to gather relevant information, and evaluate possible options for a final sound decision. Both of these failures are likely to have detrimental effects, preventing many from leading a self-sufficient life.



In conclusion, although young adults might be better supported emotionally in staying home, over-reliance on one’s parents is not a wise path towards becoming a well-adjusted, high-functioning member of society. In my opinion, teenagers should start taking full responsibility for their lives at the age of 18.



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adults are continuing to live with their parents 雅思写作8分范文:等您坐沙发呢!


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