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剑桥雅思17Test3Passage3阅读答案解析 Building the skyline: The bir […]


剑桥雅思17Test3Passage3阅读答案解析 Building the skyline: The birth and growth of Manhattan’s skyscrapers

剑桥雅思17阅读第三套题目第三篇文章的14道题由5道单选,4道YES/NO/NOT GIVEN判断,和5道选词填空组成。整体难度在剑桥雅思所有第三篇阅读中只能算是中等水平。希望大家都能保持一个不错的正确率。下面是具体每道题目的答案解析。


雅思阅读真题词汇 剑桥雅思17 Test 3 Passage 3 城市天际线

剑桥雅思17Test3Passage3阅读原文翻译 Building the skyline: The birth and growth of Manhattan’s skyscrapers

剑桥雅思17 Test3 Passage3阅读答案解析



对应原文:第1段:The book combines geology, history, economics, and a lot of data to explain why business clusters developed where they did and how the early decisions of workers and firms shaped the skyline we see today.

答案解析:这本书结合了地质学、历史、经济学和许多数据,以解释为什么企业选择聚集在那里,以及工人和公司的早期决定如何塑造了我们今天看到的天际线。D选项中a range of factors对应geology, history, economics, 和data,affected对应why,development对应后面的内容,由此确定其为正确答案。A选项highly original属于无中生有;B选项research papers只是第二部分的内容,而非贯穿全书;C选项完全找不到对应,因此通通排除。


对应原文:第3段: I would have liked Barr to expand upon his claim that existing tenements prevented skyscrapers in certain neighborhoods … At first glance, it is not obvious why slum clearance would be limiting, while more expensive foundations would not.

答案解析:作者表示,她希望Barr能够对其观点进行扩展 … 毕竟,乍一看,似乎不是很清楚,为什么清理平民窟会限制摩天大楼,而更为昂贵的地基则不会。可见她认为Barr的分析存在一定问题,最起码前后不一致,由此确定B为正确答案。选项A,C,D在原文中都找不到对应,因此通通排除。


对应原文:第6段:it is probably more technical than would be preferred by a general audience.

答案解析:第6段最后一句提到,相比于普通大众所喜欢的内容,这部分或许在技术上太过艰深。C选项too specialised对应more technical,most readers对应a general audience,由此确定其为正确答案。其他选项在原文中都找不到对应,因此通通排除。


对应原文:第8段:Chapter eight contains lengthy discussions of urban economic theory that may serve as a distraction to readers primarily interested in New York.

答案解析:第8段提到,第八章包括对城市经济理论的大幅讨论。这可能会干扰到只对纽约感兴趣的读者。D选项some parts对应Chapter eight,limited appeal对应distraction,certain people对应readers primarily interested in New York,由此确定其为正确答案。A选项中的organised differently,B选项中的more facts均属于无中生有,而C选项文章来自老烤鸭雅思则是Barr的看法,不符合题干中Shester suggest的限定。


对应原文:第9段:The data work that went into these estimations is particularly impressive.



对应原文:第2段:giving a fascinating account of how the New York landscape in 1609 might have looked from the sky.

答案解析:根据description与account,looked与landscape,air与sky,以及early 1600s和1609的对应定位到这句话。题干中lack interest的说法与原文中fascinating相反,由此判断答案为NO。


对应原文:第3段:Both chapters are informative and well researched and set the stage for the economic analysis that comes later in the book.

答案解析:根据第二章与第三章定位到第3段,原文提到,这两个章节信息充沛,研究详实,为本书后面的经济分析铺垫好背景。题干中prepare对应set the stage,material对应economic analysis,yet to come对应later in the book,即所有主要信息点在原文中都能找到对应,由此判断答案为YES。

第34题答案:NOT GIVEN

对应原文:第4段:analyzes their locations in terms of the amenities available in the area

答案解析:原文确实提到了移民居住点福利设施的问题,但题干中the biggest problem则找不到对应,因此判断答案为NOT GIVEN。


对应原文:第4段:Most of these enclaves were located on the least valuable land, between the industries located on the waterfront and the wealthy neighborhoods bordering Central Park.



对应原文:第7段:the assumption that the absence of bedrock close to the surface between Downtown and Midtown New York this article is from laokaoya website is the reason for skyscrapers not being built between the two urban centers.

答案解析:根据chapter seven定位到第7段,再根据lack of beckrock与absence of badrock的对应定位到这句话。从原文可以看出,纽约下城区和中城区之间没有摩天大楼,选项中只有H specific areas与此相关,由此确定其为正确答案。


对应原文:第7段:while deeper bedrock does increase foundation costs, these costs were neither prohibitively high nor were they large compared to the overall cost of building a skyscraper.

答案解析:顺着上一题往下,根据the cost of foundations increases定位到这句话。空前词cannot对应neither,由此锁定prohibitively high,D选项excessive expense与之对应,确定其为正确答案。


对应原文:第7段:nor were they large compared to the overall cost of building a skyscraper.

答案解析:仍然是顺着上一题往下,根据空前词compared to锁定the overall cost,I选项total对应overall,expenditure对应cost,由此确定其为正确答案。


对应原文:第7段:He describes the use of caissons, which enable workers to dig down for considerable distances, often below the water table, until they reach bedrock.

答案解析:根据caissons定位到第7段的这句话,空后词are made possible与enable对应,锁定dig down for considerable distance,B选项deep对应down for considerable distance,而excavations则对应dig,由此确定其为正确答案。


对应原文:第7段:Barr’s thorough technological history discusses not only how caissons work, but also the dangers involved.

答案解析:顺着上一题往下,根据but also定位到该句的后半部分,F选项associated对应involved,risks对应dangers,由此确定其为正确答案。

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