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雅思口语Part2话题卡:Describe a sport you enjoy watching 描述你喜欢看 […]


雅思口语Part2话题卡:Describe a sport you enjoy watching 描述你喜欢看的运动




Describe a sport you enjoy watching

You should say

What it is

Where you watch it

Who you watch it with

And explain why you enjoyed watching the sport




One of the sports that brings me great joy to watch is table tennis, widely recognized as one of China’s most accomplished sports. As far back as I can remember, my dad would take me to play. Initially, I just stood from the sidelines and observed, but once I reached a sufficient height, he began teaching me how to play. Growing up in such an environment, it was almost impossible not to develop a fondness for table tennis.


For the most part, I indulge in table tennis spectating from the comfort of my home, tuning into televised broadcasts. However, on occasion, I also have the opportunity to witness live matches, which offers an entirely unique experience. This article is from laokaoya website. The resounding cheers and passionate shouts emanating from the stands create an electrifying atmosphere. I find myself becoming fully engrossed, wholeheartedly cheering for players when they score points, and experiencing a sense of disappointment when they make errors.


I often watch table tennis matches alongside my dad. We frequently exchange thoughts and evaluate the players’ performances. Occasionally, we may find ourselves supporting different players, leading to arguments. Nonetheless, in such situations, I exercise restraint. After all, he is the one who covers my tuition and living expenses, and it would not be prudent to provoke his displeasure.


I derive immense pleasure from watching table tennis not only because it has been nurtured in me by my dad since I was young, but also because it is an incredibly thrilling sport. Athletes must devote themselves to rigorous training, shedding copious amounts of sweat to make the right decisions on the court. Their conduct and performances serve as a powerful inspiration, motivating me to strive for excellence in my everyday life and academic pursuits.


Part 3追加问题

Which sport do you think most people like to do? Why?

What are the benefits of exercise?

What can be done to get children into sport?

What is the difference between watching sports on TV and watching it live?


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