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雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe an unusual experience of travelin […]

雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe an unusual experience of traveling 描述一次不同寻常的旅游经历


这里的unusual可以翻译为‘不同寻常’或者‘不常见的’。要求虽然如此,考生们不必绞尽脑汁思考自己有限的人生经历中是否存在这么一次非同寻常的旅游经历。因为经历的寻常与否比较主观,可以找一段你认为十分有意义的旅游即可。重点在于你的traveling experience (旅游经历)。可以是国外的旅游也可以是境内旅游,这里没有地域的限制。


Describe an unusual experience of traveling

You should say:

Where you went

When you went there

Who you were with

What you did there

And explain why it is unusual




Well, I would like to talk about an unusual traveling experience in Thailand.


It was during the second summer of my college when I traveled to Thailand with my classmates for the first time. I went to quite a few tourist spots such as the Grand Palace in Bangkok and the beautiful beach in Phuket Island. But, the most impressive one to me, to some extent, was a history museum.


I can’t remember the exact location of this museum, but I am sure that it’s somewhere between Bangkok and Phuket because our tour bus had a stop there for this visit. The museum exhibited some real-life situations of those suffering residents in the Golden Triangle area, which was an area consisting of part of Laos, Thailand, and Burma, and was considered the most dangerous place in that region as there were lots of illegal trades of poppies for making the drug opium. This article is from Laokaoya website. The museum disclosed some of the hidden and forgotten period of history that was correlated to both China and Thailand. We learned a lot from the relics and even the residents from the tribes in that area.


Those people were in a very embarrassing situation as neither Thailand nor China has granted citizenship to them, and they are now still living under the poverty line. I donated some money to them, not so much though, hoping their lives could get better.


The reason why I think this experience of traveling is unusual is that it is quite educational. Although we are striving for our goals in lives and want more dreams to come true, we should feel thankful, as those poor people that we seem to ignore, because of different reasons, are far inferior in terms of living quality. You know, we should feel grateful and cherish what we’ve already had.


Part 3 追加问题

What are some popular attractions that people like to visit?

Why do many people like to travel abroad?

What do people usually do during long holidays?

Do you think there will be more eco-tourism in the future?


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雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe an unusual experience of traveling 旅游经历:等您坐沙发呢!


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