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2021年1-4月雅思口语题库已经制作完成,传送门:2021年1-4月雅思口语题库 雅思口语Part2答案 转 […]


2021年1-4月雅思口语题库已经制作完成,传送门2021年1-4月雅思口语题库 雅思口语Part2答案

转眼间,为期两个多月的暑假已经过去,大家即将开始新的学期,迈入新的年级。相应的,雅思口语也进入了新的题季。按照惯例,雅思官方会在9月开始的时候对之前使用的口语题库进行更换。Part 2和相应的Part 3会替换一半。更换之后的题目会一直使用到12月末,并且在1月初的时候再次更新。



以下为2019年9-12月雅思口语题库part 2的具体题目,点击蓝色的话题卡标题即可查看具体的题目要求、思路点拨、以及参考答案。

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Describe someone who speaks a foreign language well 说外语的人

Describe a person who often helps others 乐于助人的人

Describe a person who has interesting ideas or opinions 想法有趣的人

Describe your favorite singer or band 喜欢的歌手

Describe a foreign celebrity you want to meet in person 外国名人

Describe a person who encouraged and helped you to achieve a goal 助你实现目标的人

Describe a time a child made you laugh 让你笑的小孩

Describe a person who is good at his or her job 擅长工作的人/工作优秀的人

Describe a person who often travels by plane 经常坐飞机的人


Describe a park/garden you like visiting 公园

Describe a historical building you have been to 历史建筑

Describe a place you remember well that is full of colors 多彩的地方

Describe a place (not your home) where you read and write 读写的地方

Describe a school you went to in your childhood 童年学校

Describe a new public building you would like to visit 想要参观的新公共建筑


Describe a water sport you would like to try in the future 水上运动

Describe an occasion when you got up early 早起

Describe an occasion when you invite your family or friends to dinner 邀请聚餐/邀请家人或朋友吃饭

Describe an experience that you received a call from someone you don’t know in the public place 陌生人的电话

Describe a time you heard a stranger talking on the phone in the public place 陌生人在公共场合打电话

Describe an occasion when you got incorrect information 获得错误信息

Describe a time that you give advice to others 给别人建议

Describe an experience that the vehicle you took broke down during your travel 交通工具出故障

Describe an experience that you went out with your friends and had a good time 和朋友出去

Describe an unusual experience of traveling 旅游经历

Describe a situation when you celebrated your achievement 庆祝自己的成就

Describe a free day when you did not need to study or work 不用工作或学习的一天

Describe a time when you first met someone 初见某人的时刻

Describe an experience that you got bored when you were with others 与他人一起的无聊经历

Describe a special day that you remember well 特别的一天

Describe a time you were sleepy but had to stay awake 很累却要保持清醒

Describe a time when you solved a problem through the internet 利用网络解决问题

Describe a leisure activity you do with your family 家庭休闲活动

Describe a time you did not tell a friend the truth/you lied to a friend 对朋友撒谎

Describe an occasion when you lost something and then got it back 失而复得的东西


Describe something special that you took home from a tourist attraction 纪念品

Describe a piece of clothing you enjoy wearing 喜欢穿的衣服

Describe a game show or a quiz program you watched on TV or online 游戏节目

Describe a prize you want to win 想获得的奖

Describe a practical skill you learned 实用技能

Describe an advertisement you remember well 广告

Describe a toy you liked in your childhood 童年喜欢的玩具

Describe a film you would like to share with your friends 描述一个你想与朋友分享的电影

Describe a gift that took you a lot of time to prepare 精心准备的礼物

Describe an advice you received on your subjects or work 工作或学习上的建议

Describe a picture or photograph you like in your room 房间的照片

Describe a beautiful sky you enjoyed seeing 美丽天空

Describe a popular product (e.g. food, handicraft…) made in your region 地区特产

Describe a historical building you have been to 历史建筑

Describe something useful you borrowed from others 描述一个你从别人那里借过的好用东西

Describe an experience that you played an indoor game with others 室内游戏

Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone 与某人的有趣的谈话

Describe a day that made you happy 让你高兴的一天/开心的一天

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