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Newspaper 报纸相关的英文词汇 雅思必考 今天老烤鸭雅思小编要为大家分享的是与报纸相关的英语词汇,这些 […]


Newspaper 报纸相关的英文词汇 雅思必考




Type of Newspaper 与报纸种类相关的词汇 

  • tabloids = gossip newspapers 小报、 文摘
  • broadsheets = newspapers printed on large sheets which are usually considered more serious 这种叫大报  刊登一些更严肃的内容
  • daily/weekly/monthly newspapers = papers printed once a day / once a week / once a month  日报/周报/月报
  • quaterly newspapers = newspapers printed once every 3 months 每三个月印刷一次的报纸
  • heavy newspaper = a newspaper with serous content 刊登有严肃内容经的报纸
  • gutter press = newspapers which focus on sensational journalism, often about the lives of famous people 关注于轰动性新闻的报纸(通常是关于名人的生活)
  • periodical = a newspaper or magazine published at regualr intervals 期刊
  • local / regional newspaper = a newspaper which contain news from a particular are 当地/本地报纸
  • national newspaper = a newspaper which contain news from the whole country 国家报纸

Newspaper Content 报纸内容

  • headlines = heading or title appearing at the top of a page or article 头条
  • columns = news that is printed in vertical columns rather than taking a whole page 专栏
  • obituaries = a section in the newspaper about people who have recently died 讣告/报纸中公布人去世消息的专栏
  • horoscope = a section in the newspaper about star signs and zodiac signs which fortell the future 星座相关的内容
  • weather report = a section in the newspaper for weather forcasts 天气报道
  • business section = a section in the newspaper with business news 商业相关的版块
  • international / world news section = a section in the newspaper which focuses on news from abroad 国际/世界新闻版块
  • caption = a explanation or title matching a picture or cartoon 说明文字/一般都是配在报纸图片或者卡通图片那里的文字
  • letter to the editor = a section in the newspaper for people to express their views to the editor of the newspaper 给编辑的信
  • special feature = special story 特别故事
  • editorial = a news article containing the editor’s opinions 一篇包含编辑观点的文章
  • comic strip = a carton series in the newspaper 在报纸当中的一些卡通系列
  • advice column = a column in the newspaper where advice is given to people who write in for it  建议专栏
  • TV guide = a section in the newspaper with a guide for TV programs for the coming day or week 电视指南

Other Useful Vocabulary for Newspapers 其它与报纸相关的词汇

  • circulation = the number of copies a newspaper distributes on an average day (some newspapers have a wider circulation than others)  每天报纸印刷流通量
  • edition = a particular version of a text 版本
  • layout = the way articles are designed on a page (this can include the position of pictures, the number of columns and the side of headlines) 布局
  • attention-grabbing = a news story which draws public attention 吸引公众注意力的新闻故事
  • eye-catching = a picture or layout which cathces a person’s eye 吸引眼球的 比如图片或者布局
  • in-depth = with many details 深度(含有很多细节)
  • sensational news = news which causes public excitement or interest 轰炸性新闻
  • black and white = without colour 黑白
  • direct quotation = words taken directly from what a person has said 引用
  • paparazzi = a freelance photographer who follows celebrities 狗仔队/跟踪名人的自由职业摄影师
  • front page = the first page of a newspaper 报纸的第一页
  • supplementatry magazine = a magazine which sometimes is given free with a newspaper 随报纸免费附送的杂志
  • back issue = an old newspaper edition 老的报纸版本
  • subject matter = the topic dealt with in an article 在文章中所涉及的话题
  • proof reader = a person who checks a text for errors 校对者/检查勘误的读者
  • fact checkers = a person (people) who checks if the newspaper facts and information in an article are correct 事实核对者
  • hot off the press = news that has just been printed and is very recent 最近刚刚印刷出来的新闻
  • readership = the collective readers of a newspaper (some newspapers have a large readership) 报纸或者杂志所拥有的读者数
  • issue (n) = 1. an important topic for a debate 2. a copy of a newspaper辩论中很重要的话题、发行物(报纸)



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