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young people should be free to choose any career they l […]


young people should be free to choose any career they like 雅思写作8分范文

这篇雅思写作大作文要求大家讨论年轻人是否应该自由选择职业。因为其问题为discuss both views and give your own opinion,因此大家在写作过程中要特别注意双方观点都要讨论到,而且篇幅要尽可能相似。以免在task response这一项上扣分。



Some people think young people should be free to choose his or her job, but other people think they should be realistic and think more about their future. Discuss both views and give your own opinion?




Choosing a future career requires careful consideration. While some people claim that adolescents should be able to pursue a career they would enjoy, others oppose to that, arguing that teenagers should aim for a high-paying job in order to secure a livelihood when they grow up. Given that our life consists of more than just physiological needs, I strongly believe that it is vital to fulfill one’s potential in the career fields that are most compatible with their interests.



The youth who choose highly skilled jobs may find it easier to have a fruitful future in a materialistic sense. It is true that some professions, such as engineers or doctors, are well paid and offer more stability compared to work in other, non-professional fields. For example, psychologists usually have higher starting salaries compared to artists; they also rarely lose their jobs in recessions. People who prioritise earning a living might agree that a reliable job is a must for their future and by no means will they take risks to gain employment in a field they are passionate about, that doesn’t pay well.



However, it is worth remembering that we are living in a rapidly changing world and the concept of a ‘guaranteed future’ is unrealistic. Even the smartest of us aren’t prophets and it is impossible to foresee many changes in job markets in the future; some high-salaried jobs of today may no longer exist by the time our young people become adults. Therefore, people may choose to pursue their dreams and follow career paths according to their passions and interests now, to avoid having regrets later in life.



Having considered the reasons to prefer monetary remuneration over one’s interests, I am convinced that it would be a pity for youths to limit their career choices to highly paid jobs of today. Unforeseen changes in the jobs markets may affect salaries but won’t change the pleasure one derives from doing something they love.



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young people should be free to choose any career they like 雅思写作8分范文:等您坐沙发呢!


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