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Government should be responsible for providing financia […]


Government should be responsible for providing financial support to old people 雅思写作政府类范文

这篇雅思写作大作文要求大家讨论老年人退休之后,是应该由政府负担他们的开支,还是由他们自己存钱。属于比较常见的老龄化与政府开支相结合的问题。没有思路的同学可以参考以下文章:雅思写作大作文思路 政府的功能 what government can do


Some people think government should be responsible for providing financial support to old people after they retire, but others believe individuals should save money for themselves. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.




It is true that when people advance into their golden years, they require more help and attention. For that reason, a significant number of people hold the opinion that the government should provide financial assistance to the elderly. However, I tend to agree with those who argue that workers should be saving a portion of their income to have a nest egg in their retirement.

事实如此,人们年龄大了之后,需要更多的帮助和注意。因此,许多人认为政府应该为老年人提供经济帮助。然而, 我倾向于同意以下人的观点,即工人应该储蓄他们的一部分收入,以便在退休时能有足够的储备金。


To begin with, a culture of saving rather than depending on the government may foster the overall economic development of a country. In other words, if people were to accumulate their own savings for their pension age, it would lessen the financial burden on the government. As a result, the government would be able to release more funds to more productive purposes, such as development of infrastructure, industries, hospitals, and so on, which may expedite the overall progression of a country.



In addition to economic factors, putting money aside has some personal benefits. Since savings-oriented people are not dependent on the state for their living expenses, this may instil a sense of self-respect and pride in them. On the other hand, those who are reliant on financial assistance very often face the negative societal stigma, as many people consider them to be inferior and unworthy members of society. Hence, to live a life with dignity and pride, taking responsibility for funding one’s own retirement is evidently a better option from the individual perspective.



In contrast, the provision of monetary outlays for retirees has proven unfeasible in many countries. Since in many nations the number of senior citizens is on the rise, in the long run, governments are likely to struggle to sustain the cost of providing for the elderly. The early signs of this have been seen in many countries that were forced to raise the retirement age, including my home country where men can now retire at the age of 67 instead of 65. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, these kinds of support may become completely unsustainable.



In conclusion, the provision of state monetary support may undoubtedly lessen the concern of retirees to some extent. However, considering the issue of sustainability of this provision, it is better to opt for individual savings from the very beginning of working life, for the benefit of both individual and national development.



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Government should be responsible for providing financial support to old people 雅思写作政府类范文:等您坐沙发呢!


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