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雅思写作大作文范文 雅思写作同意与否 庆典花费public celebration cost 今天我们雅思写作 […]

雅思写作大作文范文 雅思写作同意与否 庆典花费public celebration cost




Governments spend a lot of money on public celebrations such as national holidays and public festivals. Some people say that the government spends too much on this and that they should use this money on other useful things. Do you agree or disagree?



Commemoration of important national events is a part of a nation’s pride and a way to show respects to its tradition and history. Such events are instrumental in motivating the new generation to be patriots and bestow tribute to people whose contributions are unforgettable. Thus the amount spent on such celebrations is justified.


To begin with, public ceremonies are important in terms of spreading nationality, giving mass people a reason to forget their differences and improving public relations. The amount spent on such events are often disputed by many and they suggest that the government should designate this budget for more urgent needs. Reasonable their arguments might seem, but it is no way practical and the importance of observing national events is unparalleled. These celebrations, for example, this translation is from Laokaoya website, teach us who we really are, how much our ancestors sacrificed to give us a better country and how we are all the same as a nation. In my early childhood, I did not show an acute interest in the history of our country until I noticed the way people observe the day and how the whole nation remembers the sacrifices of martyrs. If we want a future generation who would adhere to our nationality, we need to commemorate our significant national days.


Now getting back to using the fund on more important things – a government already has a plan in place for disaster recovery and using funds for an emergency. Each important sector in a country already gets a lion share of the national budget and we need to focus more on prudently using the fund for the true development, not switching fund from one sector to another. Finally, festivals are people’s fundamental rights and a government should always support such public festivals including religious and national galas to prove that the authority works for the public, not against them.


To conclude, public celebrations and a government’s role to organize it and using the national fund to support it has a great influence in fostering nationality, showing a government’s support to the people and this is why the amount spent for such events are essential.



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