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雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe a time you heard a stranger talki […]


雅思口语part2话题卡:Describe a time you heard a stranger talking on the phone in the public place 描述一次听到陌生人在公共场合打电话的经历/陌生人的电话


这道题为什么老烤鸭雅思小编会在本期文章中解析给大家的原因是因为在雅思口语题季开头第一周有雅思考生被问到了Describe an experience that you received a call from someone you don’t know in the public place;但是后来相继又有考生考到了陌生人打电话的题目。于是,老烤鸭雅思小编就针对这个陌生人的电话姊妹篇为大家做个详细的解析以及原创范文供大家参考学习。这里和之前那篇接电话的不同之处在于这里的听到了别人打电话,也就是说你是以一个‘吃瓜群众’的身份在公众场合打电话。这样的例子也非常多,比去CBD某个市中心的商场内购物或者吃饭甚至看电影的时候都很有可能遇到不认识的人在打电话。当然,这个情况可以是负面的糟糕的,比方说影响到了周围的人;也可以是积极的,有礼貌的,比方说照顾到了他人等等。


Describe a time you heard a stranger talking on the phone in the public place

You should say:

Where you were

When it was

What the stranger was talking about

And explain how you felt about it




I would like to talk about a lady that my best friend and I saw and heard talking on the phone last month.


If my memory was correct, we saw this lady in the Wanda Movie Theater of our city while we were watching the Avengers, which was quite a hit in China at that time. She was in red with some shopping bags in her hands and looked like a middle-aged woman. The first moment I saw her was at the entrance of the auditorium. You know her bags were so big, which immediately caught my attention.


Well, that first impression didn’t give me some unpleasant feeling as it’s pretty understandable watching a movie after shopping in this central business district. But, it was during the movie time that her behavior annoyed me a lot. This article is from Laokaoya website. There was more than one call she picked up during our watching time. I honestly sometimes didn’t mind someone talking on the phone as it might be something urgent as long as he or she could talk in a low voice. The thing was that she used her high-pitch voice crazily yelling at a person on the other side of the phone as if there’s only her in this public place. I couldn’t remember what she was talking about, but it seemed that she was very angry and edgy, and her voice can be heard literally by all the movie viewers.


I was pissed off at that time. You know, she just ruined my favorite movie! I was a calm person but at that moment, I mustered up my courage to give her a verbal warning. You know she just didn’t give a shit and continued talking her own business. That’s a pretty horrible movie experience for me.


Part 3 追加问题

What do you think some people talk aloud on public transport?

Is it bad to talk on the phone in public places?

Should people be banned from talking aloud in public places?

Why do some people always break rules in public places?


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