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go shopping, work and communication via internet withou […]


go shopping, work and communication via internet without face-to-face contact 雅思写作科技类8分范文



In modern society, it is possible to go shopping, work and communication via the internet without face-to-face contact with one another. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?




The feasibility of shopping, working and communicating through the Internet is gradually eliminating the necessity of in-person encounters. I believe the merits of this opportunity outnumber its demerits and the lowered volume of traffic in addition to the possibility of long-range communication will be discussed as reasons for this claim in this essay.



One chief benefit of using the Internet as a means of making purchases, working and communicating would be the lowered demand for transport, through eradicating the need for face-to-face contact. Such decreased volume of transportation would result in fewer harmful gas emissions which could significantly contribute to creating a cleaner environment. Furthermore, reduced commuting burden yields more free time for individuals. It could be spent in various ways such as working, studying and socialising with family and friends to name a few, which would be more productive and enjoyable.



Another key merit of using the Internet would be the emergence of state-of-the-art telecommunication applications. These technologies have made it possible for those with access to the Internet to get in touch and send and receive audiovisual content by pushing just a few buttons. This presents a stark contrast to the situation only a few decades ago, when long-distance communication was possible solely through paper-based letters, which could possibly take months to reach the recipient.



There are, however, some drawbacks to online communication, in particular the possibility that the lack of contact brought by technological advancements could potentially weaken human bonds. Taking into consideration that humans are sociable species, this could pose a dire threat to our mental health. This predicament, however, would be mitigated by the extra free time technological developments create for us. This free time could be spent with friends and family and in the long run would strengthen our relationships and improve our emotional wellbeing.



To recapitulate, the Internet’s demolishing the need for person-to-person contact brings about numerous benefits. A more sustainable environment as well as more free time generated for individuals, a reduced need to commute in addition to the feasibility of conducting long-distance communication in the easiest way possible, are all instances of the above-mentioned merits.



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go shopping, work and communication via internet without face-to-face contact 雅思写作科技类8分范文:等您坐沙发呢!


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