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剑桥雅思真题4Test2口语Part3参考答案 Hobbies and Leisure Time 爱好与余暇/ […]


剑桥雅思真题4Test2口语Part3参考答案 Hobbies and Leisure Time 爱好与余暇/业余时光





The social benefits of hobbies

Do you think having a hobby is good for people’s social life? In what way? 你认为拥有爱好是否对人的社交生活有好处?哪方面?

Yes, I do. The way I see it, a hobby can help people enhance their friendship with others. People who share a common interest would be willing to interact with you more, and those who don’t would also be attracted by your hobby. You know, no one would resist the temptation of appreciating a good piano play or a beautiful oil painting done by you as your pastimes.


Are there any negative effects of a person spending too much time on their hobby? What are they? 人们在爱好上花费太多时间有什么不好的影响吗?有哪些不好的影响?

I think there are. The biggest consequence that I can think of is that it would affect their working or studying efficiency. This article is from Laokaoya website. If they put too much time into their hobby such as playing computer games or reading novels, chances are that the time left for their work or studies would be greatly shrunk, and thus it would be quite difficult for them to finish their main tasks on time.


Why do you think people need to have an interest or hobby? 你觉得人为什么得有兴趣或者爱好?

Well, I think the main reason is that a hobby or something can help reduce their pressure from work/studies. You know, people need something to help them divert their attention from those headaches brought by their main job. And, hobbies like singing or playing basketball are ideal to solve that problem.


Leisure time

In your country, how much time do people spend on work and how much time on leisure? Is this a good balance, do you think? 在你的国家,人们花费在工作和休闲方面的时间有多少?你觉得这个时间的分配均衡吗?

As far as I know, people in my country are commonly busy with their work. So, there is probably at least 80% of their time is spent on work, and only 20% or less is allocated to recreational or resting. I don’t think this is a good balance as too much energy spent on work would increase their risks of mental and physical illness, which is not healthy at all.


Would you say the amount of free time has changed much in the last fifty years? 在近五十年来,你觉得空闲时间量有很大变化吗?

Yes. I was told by my grandparents that several decades ago, people had a lot of free time to be with their family members after work. Nowadays, it’s quite common that people work 9 hours a day and even have only one day off per week. So, they barely have free time to have fun with others.


Do you think people will have more or less free time in the future? Why? 你认为未来人们的空闲时间会越来越多还是越来越少?为什么?

Well, it’s true that technology has helped make industries to be more productive. However, I still think people will have less free time in the future. The main reason is that there’s more financial pressure on them due to various factors such as the economic downturn, and inflation. So, people have to work more to support their own lives and their families.


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