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雅思口语当季话题卡:Describe a (long) car journey you went on 去过的 […]


雅思口语当季话题卡:Describe a (long) car journey you went on 去过的汽车旅行


该题目有两个信息点:(long) car journey和went on。关键点在前一个。毕竟哪怕你是在电视上看的或者听别人说的旅行,把主人公变成自己就行了。



You should say:

Where you went  你去哪

What you did at this place  你去那干吗

Who you went there with  你跟谁去的

And explain why you went on that journey by car  解释你为什么乘坐的汽车


The car journey I am going to tell you happened last spring festival when I took the coach from Beijing to my hometown 800 kilometers away by myself.  Spring festival is the most important festival in Chinese culture. No matter where you are and how old you are, as long as you are a Chinese, you choose to come back to your hometown and spend the holiday with your parents, relatives and friends.


Since people chose the same days to begin their journey, transport system was pushed to the edge of breaking down. The price of flights soared up and was way beyond my budget. Train tickets were released a month before the scheduled departure and when I checked the booking website, they had already run out. This article is from Laokaoya website. Do not copy or repost it. I logged on the website several times a day to see if there were any new tickets coming out, but it seemed that the goddess of fortune was not on my side. Thus I had no choice but coach, which would take 8 hours.


The journey turned out to be a disaster. First, the space in a car was far more narrow than that in a train. Standing up and walking around were out of consideration. In fact, I couldn’t feel my legs only 4 hours after the departure. Second, there was no toilet on the coach. You had to control the amount of water you drank. Last, somebody near me snored loudly, making it impossible to rest. I will never have another car journey ever! :o

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