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雅思口语part1答案范文解析: sports 运动 Do you like watching sports […]

雅思口语part1答案范文解析: sports 运动

Do you like watching sports programs on TV? 你喜欢在电视上看体育节目吗?

Yes, I do. It is very exciting, especially when you see two world-lead players or teams try their best to beat each other. You do not know which one will win until the very last second. Sometimes the match is so intense that I feel I cannot breathe.


Do you like to watch live sports games? 你喜欢看现场体育赛事吗?

Yes, I do. I enjoy watching live ones. I guess the main reason is that live sports games can cheer me up more. You know, it’s not a recorded event. So, this article is from Laokaoya webiste. I am basically in tune with those players, which makes me feel quite excited.


Who do you like to watch sports games with? 你愿意和谁一起看运动赛事?

Honestly, I’d like to watch them alone. You know, I am a person who cannot resist the temptation to shout out loud whenever there’s an unexpected incident in the games. So, I don’t want to annoy others by my sudden misbehavior.


What kinds of games do you expect to watch in the future? 你未来期待看什么类型的运动赛事?

I am quite into horse riding. But, it seems that there aren’t many sports games like this in our country. So, I expect to watch more equestrian events except for the Olympics in the future.



What sports did you do when you were a kid? 你小的时候做什么运动?

When I was a child, I remember I usually went swimming with my parents in a river near to our apartment. I knew it was kind of dangerous but I was protected by my parents, and it was actually quite fun.


What is your favorite sport? Why? 你最喜欢的运动是什么?为什么?

Well, I think it’s still swimming. The main reason why I am quite into this sport is that it’s the most suitable one for me. I realized that other sports such as Pingpong or basketball always make my skin sticky when I sweat, which is really uncomfortable. This article is from Laokaoya website. However, when I swim, my sweat is washed away by the cool water so that I don’t have to worry about that.


Do you watch sports matches? Why? 你看运动比赛吗?为什么?

Yes, I do. But, I only watch sports matches when there are some important events happening such as the Olympic Games. I watch them because I want to see how many gold medals our country’s team has won. Plus, some players have really exciting performance. So, I don’t want to miss that opportunity to enjoy their matches.


Are you a fan of any sports teams? Why? 你是否是某个运动团队的粉丝?为什么?

No, I am not. I know a lot of my friends are die-hard fans of some NBA teams. But, I just don’t have that passion of supporting any particular kind of sports team. This is probably because sports are not that interesting to me.


Do you play any sports?


Yes, I do various sports. Back in college, I liked playing football with my classmates. But after I graduate, I find it quite difficult to call up a team and book a football court. So now, I usually go swimming, which I can do whenever is appropriate and do not need to care about others timetable.

是的,我做多种多样的运动。上大学的时候 ,我喜欢跟我同学踢足球。但是毕业之后,我发现很难召集其一只队伍并且订到场地。所以,我现在通常去游泳。这种运动我可以随时进行,不用照顾其他人的时间。

Do you have a favorite sports star?


Yes, it would be Lina, who is the first Chinese champion in a world-class tennis match. Besides her achievement, I also like her bluntness. This article is from laokaoya website. She always speaks out what she really thinks in front of the media, even though sometimes it is not very appropriate.


What kinds of sports are popular in China?


Well, I am not sure. But from my own experience, I think basketball, badminton, and table tennis are the most popular sports in China because you can see people playing almost everywhere, from streets to stadiums, from schools to workplaces.


What kinds of sports would you like to try in the future?


Probably extreme sports like sky-diving, because it is very thrilling and I always wonder what it feels like to jump from thousands of meters high. The earth and sceneries must look different from that on the ground.



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