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剑桥雅思10 Test 3写作Task 2考官范文解析 国家越来越相似 剑桥雅思10 Test 3的大作文题目 […]

剑桥雅思10 Test 3写作Task 2考官范文解析 国家越来越相似

剑桥雅思10 Test 3的大作文题目要求大家探讨由于全世界的人们购买相同的产品,世界变得越来越相似的问题,并判断这一发展趋势究竟是积极的还是消极的。属于雅思写作中经常考察的全球化类别的题目。完全没有思路的同学可以点击查看雅思写作全球问题类话题思路总结寻找下灵感。下面让我们来看看考官是如何解答这一问题的。


剑桥雅思10 test 3写作Task 2题目

Countries are becoming more and more similar because people are able to buy the same products anywhere in the world.

Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

剑桥雅思10 test 3写作Task 2考官范文

It is said that countries are becoming similar to each other because of the global spread of the same products, which are now available for purchase almost anywhere. I strongly believe that this modern development is largely detrimental to culture and traditions worldwide.

A country’s history, language and ethos are all inextricably bound up in its manufactured artefacts. If the relentless advance of international brands into every corner of the world continues, these bland packages might one day completely oust the traditional objects of a nation, which would be a loss of richness and diversity in the world, as well as the sad disappearance of the manifestations of a place’s character. What would a Japanese tea ceremony be without its specially crafted teapot, or a Fijian kava ritual without its bowl made from a certain type of tree bark?

Let us not forget either that traditional products, whether these be medicines, cosmetics, toys, clothes, utensils or food, provide employment for local people. The spread of multinational products can often bring in its wake a loss Of jobs, as people turn to buying the new brand, perhaps thinking it more glamorous than the one they are used to. This eventually puts old-school craftspeople out of work.

Finally, tourism numbers may also be affected, as travellers become disillusioned with finding every place just the same as the one they visited previously. To see the same products in shops the world over is boring, and does not impel visitors to open their wallets in the same way that trinkets or souvenirs unique to the particular area do.

Some may argue that all people are entitled to have access to the same products, but I say that local objects suit local conditions best, and that faceless uniformity worldwide is an unwelcome and dreary prospect.

剑桥雅思10 test 3写作Task 2考官范文解析

Task Response

1. 文章全面回答了题目中的问题。第一段改写题目并表达自己一边倒的立场,认为国家趋同有害,然后分别用了三个自然段从三个角度证明自己的观点。最后让步总结,指出虽然有人认为人们有权利购买相同的产品。但自己仍然认为统一的东西不好。

2. 作者对自己的论点进行了充分论证。第二自然段从文化角度出发,指出国家越来越相似会损害文化多样性,第三段从工作岗位出发,指出这一趋势会造成事业。第四段从旅游业出发,指出这一趋势会降低人们旅游和购物的欲望。


Coherence and Cohesion

1. 文章整体逻辑结构完整。开头表明立场,最后强调自己的立场,中间每个自然段一个论点,整体十分完整。

2. 除了第三自然段开头的let us not forget和第四段的finally之外,全文几乎没有使用什么连接词,而是使用逻辑连接的方式来确保文章语句的流畅性。

Lexical Resource


Grammatical Range and Accuracy

1. 作为雅思官方给出的范文,这篇文章肯定不存在任何语法错误。

2. 这篇文章中出现的语法结构有:同位语从句,非限定性定语从句,宾语从句,条件状语从句,whether引导的同位语从句,原因状语从句,比较级,被动等。充分展现了作者的语法结构积累。

剑桥雅思10 test 3写作Task 2高分词汇短语总结

global spread of the same products 相同产品的全球扩散

be available for purchase 可供购买

be detrimental to 对…有害

inextricably adv. 密不可分地

be bound up in 混在…里面,与…融合在一起

relentless adj. 不停的

oust v. 驱逐

ceremony n. 仪式

utensils n. 家具,器具

glamorous adj. 富有魅力的,独特的

disillusioned adv. 大失所望的,幻想破灭的

impel v. 促使

be entitled to 有权利做…

faceless adj. 无个性的,缺乏特征的

dreary adj. 令人沮丧的,枯燥无味的


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剑桥雅思10 Test 3写作Task 2考官范文解析 国家越来越相似:等您坐沙发呢!


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