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剑桥雅思6 Test1阅读Passage1答案解析 Australia’s Sporting Su […]


剑桥雅思6 Test1阅读Passage1答案解析 Australia’s Sporting Success 澳大利亚体育成就



雅思真题阅读词汇 剑桥雅思6 test 1 passage 1 澳大利亚的体育成就

剑桥雅思6 Test 1阅读Passage 1原文翻译 Australia’s Sporting Success 澳大利亚的体育成就

剑桥雅思6 Test 1 Passage 1阅读答案解析


对应原文:B段:collaborates with scores of others in universities and research centres. AIS scientists work across a number of sports

解析:原文中提到来自不同大学与从事不同项目的体育专家之间进行合作,与题干中的exchange of expertise between different sports(不同运动专家之间的交流对应),由此确定答案为B


对应原文:C段: To demonstrate how the system works, Bruce Mason at AIS shows off the prototype of a 3D analysis tool for studying swimmers … It collects images from digital cameras

解析:这道题主要根据题干中的visual imaging和explanation来判断。C段中提到了从数码相机中收集数据,并解释这些数据如何通过3D分析工具进行分析。正好对应题干中的这两个信息点。由此确定答案。


对应原文:B段:They all focus on one aim: winning. We can’t waste our time looking at ethereal scientific questions that don’t help the coach work with an athlete and improve performance

解析:B段的最后提到他们都只关心一个目标-获胜。原因文章来自老烤鸭是不能在其他飘渺的、无法帮助教练和运动员提升成绩的科学问题上浪费时间。这一方面对应题干中的narrowing the scope即缩小范围,又对应reason,由此确定答案。


对应原文:F段:Of course, there’s nothing to stop other countries copying-and many have tried.



对应原文:D段:to monitor heart rate, sweating, heat production or any other factor that might have an impact on an athlete’s ability to run.



对应原文:A段:finances programmes of excellence in a total of 96 sports for thousands of sportsmen and women.



对应原文:E段:A start of this much, each free-swimming period has to be this fast, with a certain stroke frequency and stroke length, with turns done in these times.’ All the training is then geared towards making the athlete hit those targets



对应原文:C段:SWAN (SWimming ANalysis)system now used in Australian national competitions. It collects images from digital cameras running at 50 frames a second

解析:根据digital cameras定位到这一句,发现这里只提到了澳大利亚,前后都没有其他国家的影子,因此确定答案为A


对应原文:D段:With the Cooperative Research Centre for Micro Technology in Melbourne, they are developing unobtrusive sensors that will be embedded in an athlete’s clothes or running shoes

解析:根据sensors定位到D段,原文中说的是they are developing unobtrusive sensors,即正在开发,现在还没有。因此确定答案是B


对应原文:D段:AlS and the University of Newcastle in New South Wales developed a test that measures how much of the immune-system protein immunoglobulin A is present in athletes’ saliva.

解析:根据protein test定位到这一句。文中用的是一般过去时,即已经开发出来了。而且前后也没有提到其他国家,因此确定答案为A


对应原文:F段:Of course, there’s nothing to stop other countries copying-and many have tried … The same has happened to the ‘altitude tent’

解析:根据altitude tent定位到F段。这一段开头就说了其他国家复制澳大利亚的行为。而提到altitude tent的时候又说它也发生了同样的事情。可见这项技术已经被其他国家所使用。因此确定答案为C

第12题答案:competition model

对应原文:E段:Well before a championship, sports scientists and coaches start to prepare the athlete by developing a ‘competition model’, based on what they expect will be the winning times.

解析:解题的关键在于plan一词,即运动员如何规划他们在比赛中的表现,说明这是在比赛之前。由此将目光锁定在E段。题干中的produce与原文中develop同义替换,确定答案为competition model

第13题答案:2 per cent/2%

对应原文:At the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, these sliced as much as two per cent off cyclists’ and rowers’ times.

解析:根据1996 Olympic Games定位到这句话,题干中问的是自行车运动员的成绩提升幅度,很容易锁定2%。

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