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剑桥雅思6Test2阅读Passage1答案解析 the advantages of public trans […]


剑桥雅思6Test2阅读Passage1答案解析 the advantages of public transport 公共交通的优势

剑桥雅思6阅读第二套题目第一篇文章的13道题由5道段落标题匹配,5道TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN,以及3道城市特点匹配构成。虽然题型看起来比较吓人,但文章却比较简单,因此整体难度不算太大。大家要保持较高的正确率才行。


雅思真题阅读词汇 剑桥雅思6 test 2 passage 1 公共交通的优点

剑桥雅思6Test2阅读Passage1原文翻译 Advantages of public transport 公共交通的优点

剑桥雅思6 Test 2 Passage 1阅读答案解析


对应原文:A段:Some years ago, federal money was granted to build a new road. However, local pressure groups forced a referendum over whether to spend the money on light rail instead

答案解析:原文中提到,联邦政府的钱本来是用来修路的,但经过全民表决给成了修建轻轨。正好对应ii选项“公众力量的成功实践”。注意不要把people power翻译成人力。


对应原文:B段:However, public infrastructure did not keep pace with urban sprawl, causing massive congestion problems which now make commuting times far higher.

答案解析:B段介绍了英国的情况,前面都很好,但后来随着城市的发展,公共基础设施没有跟上。最后一句直接说了大规模拥堵造成通勤时间变长。与vii选项中的increases in traveling time对应,由此确定答案。


对应原文:C段:There is a widespread belief that increasing wealth encourages people to live farther out where cars are the only viable transport. The example of European cities refutes that



对应原文:D段: It found that pushing everyone into the city centre was not the best approach. Instead, the proposal advocated the creation of urban villages at hundreds of sites, mostly around railway stations.



对应原文:E段:The explanation for this seems to be that it is valuable to place people working in related fields together. ‘The new world will largely depend on human creativity, and creativity flourishes where people come together face-to-face.’



对应原文:第1段:The study compared the proportion of wealth poured into transport by thirty-seven cities around the world.

答案解析:根据原文,该研究只在世界上37个城市进行。这与题干中的every city无法并存,因此判断为FALSE


对应原文:第2段: these more efficient cities were able to put the difference into attracting industry and jobs or creating a better place to live.

答案解析:题干中的efficient原词出现,而quality of life对应better place to live,即题干中的所有主要信息点都可以在原文中找到依据,由此判断为TRUE


对应原文:第3段: Melbourne’s large tram network has made car use in the inner city much lower, but the outer suburbs have the same car-based structure as most other Australian cities.

答案解析:tram network只在第三段中提到,但并没有任何它是否会对司机造成危险的内容,因此判断为NOT GIVEN。


对应原文:第3段:The explosion in demand for accommodation in the inner suburbs of Melbourne suggests a recent change in many people’s preferences as to where they live.

答案解析:原文中提到inner suburbs的住房需求有了很大的增长,而非outer suburbs,由此判断为FALSE。


对应原文:第5段:the two most ‘bicycle friendly’ cities considered – Amsterdam and Copenhagen – were very efficient, even though their public transport systems were ‘reasonable but not special’.

答案解析:题干中的high levels of bicycle usage与原文中bicycle friendly对应,averagely good与reasonable but not special对应,efficient, public transport都是原词。即题干中的每个重要信息点在原文中都可以找到依据,因此判断为TRUE。


对应原文:第2段:The study found that the Western Australian city of Perth is a good example of a city with minimal public transport. As a result, 17% of its wealth went into transport costs.



对应原文:第7段: Newman accepts it would be hard for a city as hilly as Auckland to develop a really good rail network.

答案解析:根据Auckland定位到第7段,根据hilly, hard和rail network即可确定答案为D。


对应原文:第8段:Some years ago, federal money was granted to build a new road. However, local pressure groups forced a referendum over whether to spend the money on light rail instead. The rail proposal won and the railway worked spectacularly well.


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