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2020年5-8月雅思口语机经 雅思口语Part1答案 受新冠疫情的影响,1-4月的雅思口语题季存在感过于薄弱 […]


2020年5-8月雅思口语机经 雅思口语Part1答案




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以下为2020年5-8月雅思口语机经part 1的具体题目,点击相应标题,即可查看对应的题目和答案。

Discussion 讨论

Do you prefer to talk or to listen? 你更喜欢说还是听?

What do you like to talk about? 你喜欢讨论什么?

Have your discussion topics changed since you were a child? 从你是孩子以来,你讨论的话题有没有变化?

Do you change your opinion frequently? 你经常改变自己的观点吗?

Fish 钓鱼/鱼

Where do you buy fish? 你在哪里买鱼?

Why do people go fishing? 人们为什么去钓鱼?

Do you like eating fish? 你喜欢吃鱼吗?

Where can you see fish? 你在哪里能看到鱼?

Public Transport 公共交通

Do people usually use public transportation in your country? 你国家里的人经常使用公共交通吗?

What kind of public transport do people in your country use the most? Why? 在你的国家人们最经常使用哪种公共交通?为什么?

What do you want to change about the public transport? 在公共交通方面,你觉得有什么可以改进?

Will you ride public transportation in the future? Why? 你未来会乘坐公共交通吗?为什么?

Newspaper and Magazine 报纸与杂志

Do you prefer to read newspaper or magazine? 你更喜欢读报纸还是杂志?

Do you prefer to read news online or on newspaper? 你更喜欢阅读网上新闻还是报纸?

What do you think of newspapers? 你觉得报纸怎么样?

What are the differences between newspapers and magazines? 报纸和杂志之间的差别有哪些?

Jokes & Comedies 笑话与喜剧

Are you good at telling jokes? 你擅长说笑话吗?

Do your friends like to tell jokes? 你朋友喜欢说笑话吗?

Do you like to watch comedies? 你喜欢看喜剧吗?

Have you ever watched a live show? 你看过现场秀吗?

Gifts 礼物

What is the best present or gift you have ever received? 你收到过的最好的礼物是什么?

Do you give expensive gifts? 你会送昂贵的礼物吗?

What do you give others as gifts? 你经常送给他人什么礼物?

What kinds of gifts are popular in your country? 在你的国家,哪种礼物比较流行?

Staying up 熬夜

Do you often stay up late? 你经常熬夜吗?

What do you do when you stay up late? 你熬夜时一般做什么?

How do you feel when you have stayed up late the night before? 如果你前一天晚上熬夜的话,感觉如何?

Tidiness 整洁

Are you a tidy person? 你是个整洁的人吗?

How do you keep things tidy? 你如何保持物品整洁?

Do you think people should be tidy all the time? 你认为人们应该一直保持整洁吗?

Are you tidier at work(school) or at home? 你在工作更加整洁,还是在家更整洁?

Shopping 购物

Do you like shopping? 你喜欢购物吗?

Do you compare prices when you shop? Why? 你购物时会比较价格吗?为什么?

Is it difficult for you to make choices when you shop? 你购物时很难做出决定吗?

Do you think expensive products are always better than cheaper ones? 你认为贵的东西永远比便宜的好吗?

Meeting new people 见陌生人

Do you like meeting new people? 你喜欢见陌生人吗?

How do you feel when people welcome you? 当人们欢迎你时,你感觉如何?

Do you often meet new people? 你经常见陌生人吗?

Can you tell if you like someone when you meet them for the first time? Why? 当你第一次见某人的时候,能知道你是否喜欢他们吗?为什么?

Famous people 名人

Have you ever met famous people? 你见过名人吗?

Who do you want to interview? 你想要采访谁?

Why do you want to meet him or her? 你为什么想要见他/她?

Do you want to meet other famous people? Who? 你相见其他名人吗?他们是谁?

Science class 自然科学课

Do you think science classes are important? 你认为自然科学课重要吗?

Did you have a science class in primary school or high school? 你在小学或者高中上过自然科学课吗?

Do you like science class? 你喜欢自然科学课吗?

What kind of science did you do at school?  你在学校上什么类型的自然科学课?

History 历史

Did you like history when you were young? 当你小的时候喜欢历史吗?

When was the last time you read about history? 你上次阅读历史相关的内容是什么时候?

Do you like history? 你喜欢历史吗?

Have you ever been to historical museums? 你曾经去过历史博物馆吗?

Scenery 风景

When you travel, do you like to live in hotels with scenic views? 当你旅行的时候,你喜欢住在拥有风景的酒店吗?

Is there good scenery in the cities? 城市里有好风景吗?

Do you like to take pictures of good scenery with your smartphone? Why? 你喜欢用智能手机拍摄好风景吗?为什么?

Is there good scenery in your hometown? 你家乡有什么好风景吗?

Cake 蛋糕

Do you like eating cakes? 你喜欢吃蛋糕吗?

Have you ever made cakes? 你曾经做过蛋糕吗?

What desserts do Chinese people like? 中国人喜欢什么甜点?

Do you like dessert? 你喜欢吃甜食吗?

Art 艺术

Have you ever had art classes? 你上过艺术课吗?

Is there any artwork on the wall in your room? 你房间的墙上挂有艺术品吗?

Have you ever visited an art gallery? 你曾经参观过画廊吗?

Do you like art? 你喜欢艺术吗?

Pen & Pencil 钢笔与铅笔

When was the last time you bought a pen or pencil? 你上次买钢笔或者铅笔是什么时候?

Which do you use more often? Pen or pencil? 你更经常用钢笔还是铅笔呢?

What do you think if someone gives you a pen or pencil as a present? 如果有人送你钢笔或者铅笔作为礼物,你会怎么想?

Do you usually use a pen or pencil? 你经常使用钢笔或者铅笔吗?

Spending time by yourself 独处时光

How do you usually spend your time by yourself? 你一个人的时候一般做什么?

Do you like spending time by yourself? 你喜欢独处吗?

What did you do last time you were by yourself? 上次自己一个人的时候,你做了什么?

Do you usually spend time by yourself? 你经常独处吗?

Laugh 笑

Do you think it is important to laugh with friends? 你认为跟朋友一起大笑很重要吗?

Are you the kind of person who makes people laugh? 你是那种能让别人笑出声的人吗?

Do you like to watch movies or TV shows that make people laugh? 你喜欢看让人发笑的电影或者电视吗?

Do you usually make your friends laugh? 你经常让你的朋友发笑吗?

Water sports 水上运动

Are water sports popular in China? 水上运动在中国受欢迎吗?

Have you done water sports? 你曾经做过水上运动吗?

What water sports do you like doing? 你喜欢什么样的水上运动?

What kind of water sports do you want to try? 你想要尝试什么样的水上运动?

Running 跑步

Do you think running is a good way to stay healthy? 你认为跑步是保持健康的良好方式吗?

Do you like running? 你喜欢跑步吗?

Where do you usually go running? 你经常去哪里跑步呢?

How often do you go for a run? 你多久跑一次步呢?

Number 数字

Are you good at math? 你擅长数学吗?

Do you usually use numbers? 你平时使用数字吗?

Are you good at remembering phone numbers? 你擅长记忆电话号码吗?

What is your favorite number? 你最喜欢的数字是什么

Walking 散步/走路

Where do you usually take a walk? 你一般在哪里散步?

Do you think people will walk more or not in the future? 你认为人们在未来是走的更多还是更少呢?

Do you walk more often than in the past? 与之前相比,你现在走的更多了吗?

Do you walk a lot? 你会走很多路吗?

Park 公园

Do you prefer natural parks or amusement parks? 你喜欢自然风景的公园还是游乐场呢?

Do you think people like going to parks? 你觉得人们喜欢去公园吗?

What activities can be done in the park? 在公园可以进行什么活动呢?

Do you often go to a park? 你经常去公园吗?

Break 休息

Do you prefer a long break or several short breaks? 你更喜欢长时间的休息还是几段短时间的休息?

What do you usually do during a break? 在休息过程中你经常做什么?

Why do you need to take a break? 你为什么需要休息?

How often do you take a break? 你多久休息一次?

Borrow/lending 借东西

How do you feel when people do not return things they borrowed from you?

Do you like to lend things to others?

Have you ever borrowed money from others?

Have you borrowed books from others?

Concentration 集中注意力

What do you need to be focused?

What may distract you when you are trying to stay focused?

What do you do to help you concentrate?

Is it difficult for you to stay focused on something?

Animal 动物

Have you ever kept pets?

Do you like to go to the zoo?

Have you ever seen any wild animals before?

What wild animal do you like most?

Movies 电影

What is your favorite movie? 你最喜欢的电影是什么?

Do your friends like this movie? 你朋友喜欢这部电影吗?

What kinds of movies do you think young people like? 你认为年轻人会喜欢什么类型的电影?

Do you want to be a movie star? 你想成为电影明星吗?

Voices 声音

Has your voice ever changed? 你的声音变过吗?

Do you enjoy recording your voice and listening to it? 你喜欢录制你的声音然后自己听吗?

Do you like your own voice? 你喜欢自己的声音吗?

Does your voice sound familiar to your parents’? 你的声音跟你的父母很像吗?

Haircut 发型

Have you ever had an unhappy haircut experience? 你有过不愉快的理发经历吗?

How long have you had your current haircut? 你现在的发型保持多久了?

How often do you have a haircut? 你多久剪一次头发?

Do you like having your hair cut? 你喜欢理发吗?

Work 工作 or study 学习

Why did you choose to do that type of work (or, that job)? 你为什么要选择这个学习项目/工作?

Do you miss being a student? 你怀念做学生的时期吗?

Is it very interesting? 有趣吗?

Do you like your job? 你喜欢现在的工作吗?

Why did you choose to study that subject? / Why did you choose to study those subjects? 你为啥要选择这个科目? 为啥要学这些科目?

Is it very interesting? 有不有意思?

What subject(s) are you studying? 你目前在学习哪些科目?

Do you prefer to study in the mornings or the afternoons? 你喜欢在早上还是下午学习?

Are you looking forward to working? 你期待工作吗?

Do you like your subject? (why/why not?) 你喜欢你的科目吗? 为什么?

Home (your accommodation) 家或宿舍

What kind of housing/accommodation do you live in? 你居住的什么样的房子?

Do you live in a house or a flat? 你住在单元楼还是独栋房子内?

What’s the difference between where you are living now and where you have lived in the past? 你过去居住的地方和现在的地方有什么不同?

Can you describe the place where you live? 你能描述一下你居住的地方吗?

Which room does your family spend most of the time in? 那间房子你和你家人呆的时间最多?

How long have you lived there? 你在那里居住多久了?

What do you usually do in your house/flat/room? 你平时在你的房子/公寓/房子里做什么?

Do you plan to live there for a long time? 你有没有计划在那里居住很久?

Are the transport facilities to your home very good? 你家的交通设施完善吗?

Please describe the room you live in? 请描述一下你住的房间。

Do you prefer living in a house or a flat? 你喜欢住在公寓还是独立屋?

What part of your home do you like the most? 你喜欢你家的哪点?

Hometown 家乡

What’s the name of your hometown (again)? 你家乡的名字叫什么来着?

Is that a big city or a small place? 家乡地方大还是小?

How long have you been living there? 你在你的家乡住了多久了?

Do you like your hometown? 你喜欢你的家乡吗?

Is there anything you dislike about it? 有没有不喜欢家乡的地方?

What do you like (most) about your hometown? 你最喜欢你家乡的什么?

Do you like living there? 你喜欢居住在哪儿吗?

Please describe your hometown a little. 请稍微描述一下你的家乡?

Do you think you will continue living there for a long time? 你觉得你会一直住在你的家乡吗?

The area you live in 居住的区域

Do you like the area that you live in? 你喜欢你居住的地方吗?

What are some changes in the area recently? 最近附近有没有发生什么大的改变?

Do you know any famous people in your area? 你认识附近的名人吗?

Where do you like to go in that area? 在你住的地方区域,你喜欢去哪里?

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